“Dee Dee Kiesow’s passion for joyful giving is uplifting and infectious. She brings everyone into focus around the cause and keeps the bidding exceptionally fun. After an event with Dee Dee, you can expect a litany of compliments about both her professional skills and inviting style. More than an auctioneer, Dee Dee is an expert in the fundraising field and helps her clients plan smooth and successful events. I appreciate that she keeps herself on the cutting-edge of the industry to best serve her clients.”Rebecca Duran, Hiller Aviation Museum
Thank you so much for helping to make our fundraising event, Back To Our Future night so successful. We have received a ton of compliments from the community as well as our staff about the auctioneer – you!

You were amazing and hilarious too! You captivated the audience, and at times, caused a roar of laughter! I appreciated the suggestions, tips, and ideas that you provided during our discussions and we are reaping the results!

You are a joy to work with. I loved your energy, your ability to engage the audience, and appreciated your work ethic.

We are so thankful for all you did to help make Back To Our Future so successful.Josephine Loy Director of Annual Fund & Alumni Relations